Meet the Dalton

Our Canteen chair and stools have served our clients very well, but we wanted to make some adjustments to the design to reduce weight while improving comfort and durability. As a result, we created the new Dalton chair.

Dalton Chair

Here are a few of the key changes we made:


- Flat seat with counter sunk hardware for improved durability and every day client use

- Seat scoop for comfort and beauty

- Improved sitting angle in the frame for comfort

- Thinner back for reduced weight

Dalton Chair


Dalton Chair



The Dalton has an optional upholstered seat allowing for even more comfort and customization. Check out this Stone Blue metal, Bourbon wood, and Tobacco seat combination!


Dalton Chair



Our engineering team worked hard to make the Dalton a versatile, strong, and attractive design. We are proud to be able to offer this evolution of the Canteen!


Contact for pricing.


Dalton Chair


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