In addition to our Curated line, we've developed unique pieces for large design projects. We picked our nine favorite custom products from 2019 to share with you and spoke with some of our team members to get the scoop on why these pieces are so special.


Ghostwriter Dining Chair
Ghostwriter Chair

"I especially love this chair in Walnut. It's a great showcase for our solid hardwood and the visible brass screws add a nice detail."

– Brooke Schwass, Graphic Designer

Ghostwriter Pouf

"The pouf is a great product, it can be used as seating or as a foot stool. They look cool in any room they're in."

– Kurt Blankemeyer, Engineering Manager

Ghostwriter Pouf
Ghostwriter Turned Table


Ghostwriter Turned Table

"It was so cool to see this table perfectly fit in the space it was designed for. Every part of it was thought through from the size, to the shape of the pedestal base, to the details of each ridge and band."

– Micah Heanssler, Product Designer

Customized One Ton Stool

"Changing the powder coating is one of the simplest ways to add color or show off your brand - I love this pistachio One Ton stool. The color is fun and different from what we see every day."

– Ashley Baig, Marketing Strategist

One Ton Stool
Starbucks Simplex Chair


Starbucks Simplex Chair

"This chair is elegance and beauty! I love the modern, yet timeless design."

– Rachael Cernus, Account Manager

CARVE Feature Chair

"For me, this chair is a beautiful example of collaboration. I also love the channel tufting and the Moore & Giles leather."

– Rachel Stienecker, Account Manager

Carve Feature Chair
Carve Patchwork Stool


CARVE Patchwork Stool

" I like the sort of modern western look this chair has. It was fun to see come together."

– Robin Forman, Account Manager

Wendy's Branded Table

"I love our tables because they embody the perfect balance of beauty and function. When paired with a personal brand message they are not only timeless, but unique!"

– Emily Kaplan, Director of Marketing

Wendy's Branded Table


Union Stool



Customized Union Stool

"I love the infinite customization possible with the Union Stools. This was a part of a collection showcasing a variety of options."

– Benny Thompson, Product Engineer


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