Middle of Nowhere Ohio?

Killbuck, Ohio. A town in Holmes County rich with three things: the Amish, rolling landscapes, and the new hub for hardwood furniture manufacturing. There are several reasons for this conglomeration of manufacturers and it's not just about the Amish cheese or picturesque views!



Skilled Tradespeople

Thanks to the area's abundance of natural resources, Holmes County attracts generations of skilled carpenters and metal workers, making Crow Works the luckiest girl in the world!





Regional Sourcing

What's a tree's favorite dating app? TIMBER!

We regionally source our American hardwoods within 20-150 miles of our facility in Killbuck, keeping our carbon footprint small.

Fun fact: for every 1 board foot of lumber harvested in this area, 1.86 is replanted.





Centralized Shipping

Finally, Killbuck's central location is just a few hours from major cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Columbus, making it easy to ship across the country. We can ship to most locations in the US within 2 days by automobile, plane, or horse (a little Amish humor).





Come on out and see for yourself the wonders of Holmes County, Killbuck, and of course, our manufacturing facility. Contact sales@crowworks.com to inquire about scheduling a tour for you and your team.


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