Choose Solid Hardwood Tabletops for Beauty & Durability

For new locations and refreshes, consider using solid hardwood tabletops over other tabletop materials. Here are a few reasons why solid hardwood is a great choice for restaurants:


2023-wood-tabletop-article-rect-_0004_High-Bank-Distillery-Gahanna-221. Durability: 

Solid hardwood can withstand daily wear and tear and will last for years to come.




2. Beauty: 

Wood has unique grain patterns and a natural beauty that other materials just can't replicate.




3. Versatility: 

From modern industrial to sophisticated spaces, solid hardwood can be used with a wide variety of design styles. It can be finished in a range of stains to fit your design aesthetic.



2023-wood-tabletop-article-rect-_0000_LC So Bro Goat Opening-132

4. Biophilia: Humans have an innate desire to be surrounded by natural materials; no tabletop material can provide that connection to nature better than wood.



Choose solid hardwood for a beautiful and versatile addition to your space. Learn more on our website.





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